About us

JSC "Audikona" is one of the oldest national audit companies acting in Lithuanian audit market from 1997.
Auditors and other skilful specialists of our audit company provide audits of financial statements, audits of projects financed from the European Union support funds, arrange bookkeeping of Lithuanian companies, provide rearrangements of improper bookkeeping, consult in preparing and presenting annual financial statements, preparing the accounting policies of companies, evaluation of company's shares and simmilar questions.

The main specialization of our company is audit. We provided audits in companies of various profiles and forms of equity:

  • Producing entities, such as metal melting, heating station's building, metal construcion's building, spare part's production, carton tube production, furniture production, meat and other meal product's production, book's edition etc.
  • Service entities, such as heating networks, insurance services, medicine services, consulting, projecting and construction, road building, realty's rendering, guard service, funeral service, book printing service etc.
  • Trading entities, like wholesale and retail of agricultural equipment, whole sale and retail of medicine drugs, wholesale and retail of food products, wholesale and retail of construction equipment, wholesale and retail of bureau technique, realty, furniture, animal food  trade etc.  

High activity standards of our entity and stable staff assure that all work is done effectively and according to settled order. Our clients may be sure, that we will do not only what was promised but even more than it was expected. Our policy is- quality and objectivity. Our logo- as our clients grow- we grow. 

Because of longlasting activity we can warranty high level of our services and work, and strict confidence of received information.  We treat our clients with respect and are trying to minimise the risk of our services, so we are insured by the civil responsibility insurance of the audit companies. 

JSC "Audikona" Kaunas, Kurpi st. 25-2, LT-44287 Tel: +370-37-322451 Fax: +370-37-322451 Email: info@audikona.lt