Welcome to site of the audit company JSC "Audikona". You can find there information about us and about our services, while completing and sending us the blank form named anketa (in Lithuanian), you can receive the preliminary proposal of audit and bookkeeping services.
In the article News (in Lithuanian) you can find the information about actual legal acts, another imprtant information for accountant and auditor society, and the our company's news.
In our site you can find also the usefull practical advices to our clients (in Lithuanian), you may offer your services.

our services

Our company performes the audits of financial statements, audits of projects financed from the European Union support funds, provides various bookkeeping services, consults on bookkeeping, preparing of accounting policies, evaluation of shares value, taxation and other questions. More.....

JSC "Audikona" Kaunas, Kurpi st. 25-2, LT-44287 Tel: +370-37-322451 Fax: +370-37-322451 Email: